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"Click for Assistance - Dont' Make Your Customer Go it Alone "   When self-service works it is great. When it doesn’t, it can be a very frustrating experience for the customer and a very costly mistake for your company. In today’s world, self-service is not enough. A seamless transition to assisted service is a must to keep your customers from leaving you. Learn what strategies and technologies are available so you don’t make your customers “go it alone.


"Has CRM Lost its Mojo?"   The number of customer inquiries seems to increase faster than you can add personnel to address the inquiries. In addition, customers expect 24 by 7 by 60 by 60 and are not willing to wait. Learn from our panel of experts what new self-service strategies will allow you to scale customer service and extend hours of operation without adding customer-facing personnel.

"CRM at the Speed of Light"   eCommerce expert Paul Greenberg reveals winning strategies for leveraging the latest technologies to acquire and retain customers, even when the competion is fierce. Listen to Paul talk about how to keep up with customers' lightning-fast demands and leverage the latest CRM technologies.  [Paul Greenberg, LiveWire]

"New Self-Service Strategies for the New Millennium"   The number of customer inquiries seems to increase faster than you can add personnel to address the inquiries. In addition, customers expect 24 by 7 by 60 by 60 and are not willing to wait. Learn from our panel of experts what new self-service strategies will allow you to scale customer service and extend hours of operation without adding customer-facing personnel.

"Transforming the Call Center into a Multi-media Contact Center"   Once considered a luxury or competitive differentiator, multi-media strategy for customer communication is rapidly becoming a necessity. Learn how to manage the transition from a call center into a multi-media contact center and what technologies are available to help make the change.

"Customerizing Your e-Business"   What's the difference between a customer and an e-customer? Nothing. Every successful e-business must incorporate the time-proven tenets of old-fashion service - but in completely new ways. Hear what many industry titans are doing to help pure dot- coms and click- and- mortar companies customerize e-business.  [Gary Lemke, ReaMarket]

"State of the Industry - Analyst Panel"   Do you have questions? We have answers. Listen to this blue-ribbon panel of industry experts from META Group, Aberdeen, IDC and Encore discuss various vendor offerings, new strategies in an e-customer world and what trends will dominate customer management in the coming years.   [Gary Lemke, ReaMarket]

"Having it All, Rapid CRM in a Slowing Economy"   Been burned by a failed implementation? How do you implement a state-of-the-art CRM solution with almost no capital outlay up front? Mark Richey, CEO, Synchrony will discuss how to reduce the risk by starting with a subscription based, remote-hosted application that can be implemented in less than 60 days. Then once proven successful, re-deploy the same application behind the company’s firewall in its own data center.   [Mark Richey, Synchrony]

"The eCustomer Experience"   Listen to seven of the best industry power panels discuss various issues including "The State of the Industry," "Transforming the Call Center," "Customerizing your eBusiness," "Has CRM Losts its Mojo?" and more.  [Gary Lemke, RealMarket Live]

"Closing the Adoption Gap"   The adoption gap is the difference between potential adoption and actual adoption. The gap occurs when a customer is not able to complete transactions, register, or access services. Closing the gap means embedding highly personalized service within each step of the application allowing your customers to complete what they set out to do.   [Jay Hallberg, Motive]

"Exploiting the Benefits of a Component-Based Software Strategy"   Mass customization strategies can provide powerful competitive advantages of increased agility, time-to-market and higher customer loyalty. The same applies to how your create and implement customer relationship management solutions. Brian Ladyman will examine the growing trend towards component-based software and how component-based solutions are allowing organizations to deploy exact-fit solutions in less time and for less money.  [Brian Ladyman, YOUcentric]

"How to Build a CRM Solution That Yields Real Business Impact"   There's more to CRM automation (operational). To create solutions with real business impact you have to gain customer insights and turn that into action. Listen to Jeff Pulver talk about how the combination of analytical and operational CRM can take you to the next level of customer loyalty and business profit.  [Jeff Pulver, E.piphany]

"eSupport - Luxury or Necessity?"   In today's market, it's crucial for organizations to streamline efforts, cut costs, and improve overall business effectiveness by automating key business processes. The bottom line is that "business as usual" isn't business as usual anymore. Join Gary Zilk for an in depth discussion on why today's successful enterprises such as Cisco and IBM have made the automation of support fundamental to their core business strategies.   [Gary Zilk,]

"Selling CRM to the CFO"   Analysts estimate that more than 60% of CRM implementations are considered failures. Given the economic slowdown, CFOs are scrutinizing expenditures more than ever and CRM is no exception. Learn from John Goodman's years of research on how to best sell CRM to the CFO.  [John Goodman, e-Satisfy]

"CRM in a Down Economy"   During a period of economic downturn, as companies scale back their overall capital spending, a majority retain CRM as the first priority in their IT budgets. Don Peppers, Founder of Peppers and Rogers Group, examines three principle motivations behind continuing CRM initiatives in a downturn and why these motivations are indeed so important.  [Don Peppers, Peppers and Rogers Group]

"Building A Multi-Channel Marketing Infrastructure "   To develop and manage customer relationships in today’s marketplace, visionary organizations have embraced Multi-Channel Marketing. “Unified CRM” systems leverage customer insight and utilize digital and traditional communication channels, creating valuable customer “relationship equity.” Joel Book will discuss the fundamental infrastructure components that comprise a winning multi-channel marketing solution.   [Joel Book, Prime Response]
"IT Analysis Firms: Let the Buyer Beware"   Stowe Boyd of the Knowledge Capital Group will look at IT Analyst firms from the IT professional's point of view, addressing some basic but pressing issues: Are analysis firms worth the money? What impact has the Internet had on analyst firms and what they cover? Which is the "best" firm -- or does that question make sense? What is the best source of IT advice for my company, based on our situation?   [Stowe Boyd, Knowledge Capital Group]

"Meeting Today's Service Requirements with Customer-Powered Solutions"   Companies need to look beyond current service tools to implement solutions geared toward solving industry-specific problems. E-service utilities don't always help when customers are engaged in complex applications involving sequences of steps. These service demands mean implementing solutions that can embed, automate, and integrate service into any application or process.  [Anna Clepper, Motive]

"Building the Multimedia Contact Center"   As the traditional telephony-based call center evolves into the multimedia contact center, complete with new purposes and new customer expectations, the architecture of the center must also adapt. Simply adding “pipes” to connect to the Web is not enough. This presentation addresses the market forces that are driving the move to multimedia and the changes to the provisioning components necessary to meet these forces head-on.   [Stan Vestal, Quintus]

""The Industry Analyst Landscape" - Who's who and what do executives in the technology vanguard NEED to know? "   The Knowledge Capital Group's CEO Bill Hopkins will offer insight on how your organization can identify who the various industry influencers are, which analyst firms to target, and how to work with them. You'll gain a deeper understanding of the analyst landscape and advice that can be applied within any analyst program.  [Bill Hopkins, Knowledge Capital Group]

"The New Marketing"   The discipline of marketing is changing as leading business-to consumer marketers are taking advantage of their business expertise and leveraging strategy and technology support to dramatically increase their Return on Marketing - becoming "New Marketers." Tune in to learn what New Marketing is, what leading New Marketers are doing today, and insight into what changes to expect as 2001 rolls on.  [Steven Gal, PrimeResponse]

"Your Next Generation Contact Center"   Your next generation contact center: the latest in technology. Should you build it or buy it? What platforms should you use? And what to look for if you partner with a service provider. Finally, tips on planning for the future.   [Art Coombs, Echopass ]

"eLearning Solutions: The Difference Between CRM Success and Failure"   eLearning solutions are making the difference between the success and failure of CRM system rollouts. Jay Waldron explains how and why training has evolved from simple classroom instruction to Web-based training and eLearning Support Systems. Discover the benefits of an eLearning Support System and how it enables organizations to develop and improve their ability to deliver exceptional customer service.  [Jay Waldron, Knowledge Impact]

"What Are Your Employees Worth?"   Learn how to define Knowledge Capital and how it can generate wealth in your organization that exceeds traditional financial capital valuations.  [Paul Strassmann, The Information Economics Press]

"eRM: It’s Not Your Mother’s Old CRM"   With customers now communicating in both traditional and online methods, the challenge to effectively communicate with customers is enormous. In the Internet economy, businesses are also facing the challenge of managing the relationships they have with partners and vendors. Learn how to utilize an integrated enterprise relationship management (eRM) system to manage both customer and partner relationships and decrease costs.  [Dave Fowler, Kana Communications]

"Converting a Reactive Help Desk to a Proactive Service Center"   Do you feel like you've lost control of your Help Desk? Listen to Chris Ryan of FrontRange Solutions talk about the four stages involved in moving from a reactive help desk to a proactive service desk. A free white paper is available at the conclusion of the webcast.  [Chris Ryan, Front Range Solutions]

"Empowering Survival of e-Business Initiatives with Asset Lifecycle Management "   Peregrine's Bill Keyworth will discuss the tangible benefits of asset lifecycle management in lowering the total cost of ownership for IT assets as well as empowering change and adaptability of the IT infrastructure in order to survive the demands of e-Business initiatives.  [Bill Keyworth, Peregrine]

"The Strategic Benefits of Knowledge Management "   Discussing ServiceWare's recently published whitepaper of the same title, Product Marketing Manager Tom Perry will address the critical issues facing customer service organizations today and how knowledge management can play a role in solving these problems. Tom will outline the necessary requirements for a successful KM implementation and describe the benefits gained through proper use of a KM system.   [Tom Perry, ServiceWare]

"The Future of eSupport: State-of-the-Art, State-of-the-Industry Technology "   What are the products and technologies that can get you from where you are to where you need to be? Do they all exist today? In this web cast Tony Rodoni, VP of Marketing from, will share a vision of the future for eSupport, with thought-provoking capabilities you'll see and want in the near future.  [Tony Rodoni,]

"Security and Privacy in a Self Service World"   Kurt Johnson of Courion Corp discusses the importance security and privacy in the new world of self service. He discusses new strategies and technology for ensuring secure communications, private personal information, and protecting corporate assets (data and network security).  [Kurt Johnson, Courion]
"Preparing for the Holiday Rush"   Are you prepared for the Christmas CRM onslaught? Get tips on forecasting, planning, and deploying temporary customer care centers.   [Dona Munsch, Echopass]

"Personalizing Customer Service and Support Using A Conversational Knowledge Base"   Ralph Barletta, General Manager of eGain discusses the importance of a single knowledge base for multiple channels of customer communication and the need to provide a customized user interface for each customer.  [Ralph Barletta, eGain]
"Wired for Warmth: Delivering Personalized Customer Service over the Web"   Stan Vestal, General Manager of Eastern Operations for Quintus, discusses the technology e-commerce sites need to build customer relationships and encourage repeat business.   [Stan Vestal, Quintus]

"Get Online or Get In Line!"   Bo Wandell, President of, challenges the conventional wisdom about how customers want support today when he discusses the benefits of Web-based self-help and how to achieve them.   [Bo Wandell, ]

"Extreme Success Calls for Extreme CRM"   Chordiant’s Sam Spadafora explains how CRM has outgrown its roots in contact management and sales force automation and how, for today’s biggest companies, moving to a “clicks and bricks” strategy presents an extreme CRM challenge. Spadafora says today’s top businesses require an extreme CRM solution.   [Sam Spadafora, Chordiant Software]

"Customer Service on the Internet"   Jim Sterne, author of "Customer Service on the Internet" (second edition), discusses the importance of customer-colored glasses when implementing new Internet strategies involving on line customer relationships. Listen to Jim describe the relationship continuum and state of the art customer service.  [Jim Sterne, Target Marketing]
"Assisted Versus Self Service: Pros and Cons, Rights and Wrongs"   Tom Gormley, formerly an analyst from Forrester Research, will explain the importance of intelligent eService. Tom will discuss the pros and cons of assisted service and self service to provide extraordinary customer service.   [Tom Gormley, Servicesoft]

"Make the Bad Man Go Away: Redefining ROI and Adding Value"   Today, Barry will discuss why ROI in the world of CRM needs to be redefined. Barry offers a fresh perspective on how to value CRM initiatives and their place in the business world.   [Barry Trailer, Goldmine]

"The Whole Customer Experience"   Michael Charney, Director of Product Research for ServiceWare describes the whole customer service experience is not technology nor integration - it is getting answers to questions and keeping customers from getting stuck. Listen to Michael explain the "how-to."   [Michael Charney, ServiceWare]

"Nine Ways to Fix Sales: The Sales Force's Role in a Hybrid Selling System"   Steve Diorio, President of IMT Strategies shares his research on sales organizations and why CRM has put pressure on sales to change. Steve addresses the required changes direct sales organizations need to make to remain viable. Specifically, he will talk about nine ways to improve sales in a hybrid selling environment.   [Steve Diorio, IMT Strategies]

"Putting Skin Into the Loyalty Implementation Game"   Mark Turchan, Senior Vice President of eLoyalty discusses the economics behind Loyalty Value Add. In this discussion you will learn the importance of measuring customer value, how to calculate Loyalty Value Add and how to map priorities for maximum return.  [Mark Turchan, eLoyalty]


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