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L'émergence de portails verticaux ou vortails a été particulièrement fertile autour du thème du Customer Relationship Management. Sa portée, à la fois stratégique, méthodologique et technologique, en constitue une bonne explication. Nous avons divisé les portails entre l'Amérique et ailleurs dans le monde, principalement l'Europe mais aussi l'Australie et l'Inde. Cette distinction se justifie-t-elle à l'heure de la mondialisation des marchés ? Certes oui, puisque des nuances culturelles sont perceptibles dans les propos. Or, dans la mesure où le CRM met l'accent sur les relations humaines, les différences en terme de sensibilité revêtent toute leur importance. La langue dans laquelle est décrit un portail est celle de son site sur Internet. Certains portails couvrent l'ensemble de la problématique du CRM alors que d'autres sont plus pointus et traitent principalement des centres d'appels, des entrepôts de données ou mettent l'accent sur les ventes ou le service. aborde quant à lui tous les aspects du CRM à partir d'un point de vue québécois.

En Amérique was launched to provide specialised research, analysis and industry information to the Call Centre Industry throughout the World. As call centres continue to become an increasingly more important relationship channel between organisations and customers the need for up to date informative research is imperative to facilitate educated strategic planning. provides information to those who are involved in real-time customer service via a call center or help desk. Call centers have emerged as the critical link between a company and its customers. The result has been that the call center industry is growing at an annual rate of over 20% per year.

The Call Center eXchange (CCX) is your networking resource to meet the challenges you face everyday. CCX is designed for call center professionals who continuously strive for excellence. Based on years of services offered to thousands of your peers worldwide, CCX has gathered the most up-to-date, relevant and necessary information to help you transform your contact center into a world-class organization. is a group of customer-focussed fanatics with offices in both the US and UK. The team developed its customer expertise through publishing and editing successful customer service conferences and magazines on both sides of the Atlantic. We also developed a network of contributors in the US and UK who really know their stuff in the customer-focussed arena - from strategic customer service to CRM to call center management.

CommunityB2B is your premier, community-oriented Web source for comprehensive, targeted information on evaluating, purchasing and implementing electronic business to business technology and solutions. provides the latest news, products and strategies available in Customer Relationship Management. As a Member, you will find that is the complete resource for networking and research. Regardless of whether you are a CRM professional, a vendor, or an industry expert, will be your key to success. is your best resource for staying on top of what's happening in the fast-paced world of customer relationship management. features original news and analysis from our respected team of writers and editors, as well as a real-time headline news service that's updated 24-hours a day, in multiple languages. So you can always find current news and information on the products, technologies, and issues of critical importance to your e-business venture.

Founded by Front Line Solutions, is the world's #1 customer relationship management web site with over 25,000 members worldwide. Join now and you can enjoy a rich array of free newsletters, articles, webcasts, and discussion.

CRM odyssey anime un portail pour la communauté du CRM. Il s'agit d'un espace virtuel d'information, de formation, de promotion et d'échange couvrant à la fois la technologie, le marketing et la gestion. On y trouve des nouvelles, des articles, des outils de recherche, un forum ainsi qu'une multitude de ressources sur le CRM. Il publie également une e-NewsLetter mensuelle à laquelle on peut s'abonner sans frais sur le portail Internet afin de la recevoir par courriel.

The CRMXchange is your place on the Internet for an exchange of information on customer relationship management (CRM), sales, call center, and telemarketing issues. Customers communicate with you in many ways -- by phone, e-mail, fax, web, personal sales representative, or any combination of these contact points. Information on The CRMXchange will help you formulate new ideas and identify new products that will help you build more profitable relationships and enhance customer loyalty for your customer contact center.

The Data Warehousing Knowledge Center (DWKC) is the most comprehensive online sourcebook and information center for data warehousing technologies. DWKC participants have access to an extensive resource of data warehousing literature, vendors, consultants, products, services and events. All of these items have been categorized to make it easy to research specific data warehousing topics.

Our goal at is to become the preferred Internet location for information, products, and services relevant to the CRM user marketplace. is dedicated to providing this pertinent information in a timely manner, thereby connecting service decision makers and industry providers to the future.

Influent Technology Group is all about empowering people to master technology. We believe the global workforce, and specifically the users of information technology, are dependent on three key sources of information that enable them to work independently and productively. These three key sources are: the training they have access to, the technical support they have access to, the online reference information they have access to through well designed and usable interfaces.

Since 1995, Helpdesk.Com has been meeting the needs of the help desk software industry for objective, up-to-date knowledge and reference. Helpdesk.Com is designed for serious IT professionals seeking Help Desk, Call Center, and related product and industry knowledge. presents regularly updated information to marketing professionals. It feels like a tradeshow, with multiple events occurring simultaneously. You'll find experts discussing marketing ideas, techniques and trends.

Intelligent Enterprise is the first and only information resource for business and IT leaders focusing on business-critical solutions that make organizations smarter, faster, and more profitable.

Information Technology Toolbox, Inc. (ITtoolbox) is a world leading online vertical market network for the IT industry. We are an independent aggregator and distributor of highly focused information for specific multi-billion dollar segments of the IT industry. Most importantly, we are a communication and collaboration tool for collective groups of IT and business professionals to solve problems related to purchasing, implementation and support. your source for information and analysis on all aspects of personalization. Click the newspaper icon to get the latest daily news. Also, subscribe to personalization newswire to get bi-monthly email alerts on all things personalization.

RealMarket seeks to accelerate the acceptance of CRM solutions beyond early adopters through education, awareness and example. RealMarket Research helps customer relationship organizations who are tackling the "e" challenge by recognizing the inter-relationship of: CRM* (unified sales, service and marketing), The 21st century contact center, and e-business.

Because selling is your business no matter what, where or whom you sell to we are committed to bringing you the best, most innovative and up to date selling information every day. Joining you and millions of salespeople as a team to helping you sell more and to make your selling career as fruitful and successful as you ever dreamed. is a technology specific search engine. operates a portfolio of sites which fuse specialized search engine functionality with quality editorial expertise to deliver relevant results and resources to IT professionals, within specific vertical market segments.

There are dozens of Internet portal sites and the number grows daily. Most are so broad that it's hard to ever feel a sense of community, or that you really belong there, where ever "there" is. was created for professionals, managers and executives that make their living in the IT support services community. It is not a generic, one-size-fits all website where nobody ever feels like they belong. is dynamic, interactive, living resource specifically designed for the unique needs of support professionals.

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