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Les organismes de formation se composent à la fois d'institutions et d'entreprises privées. Ce qui les distingue entre elles, c'est leur mode privilégié de diffusion de connaissances, en e-learning ou en salle. Nous avons donné une place importante au e-learning puisque c'est un mode d'apprentissage en forte croissance notamment à la faveur du CRM. C'est pourquoi, dans la catégorie e-learning se retrouvent aussi bien des producteurs de contenus que des fabricants de technologie. Pour ce qui est de la formation en salle, nous avons délibérément restreint notre inventaire aux organismes présents sur le territoire québécois pour des raisons évidentes de proximité et à certains autres dont l'offre de cours nous semblait devoir être signalée. La frontière entre les deux modes n'est pas hermétique chez les acteurs de la formation puisque les formateurs en salle ajoutent de plus en plus un volet e-learning à leurs activités. Nous les avons classés en fonction de leur dominante actuelle. Bien que le lien entre le CRM et certains organismes de formation ne soit pas évident à première vue, on constate que leur curriculum rejoint certaines préoccupations du CRM au niveau des bases de données, du WEB et des télécommunications pour n'en mentionner que quelques uns.


Canal diffuse sans interruption, 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours par semaine, une programmation riche en contenus de formation. Intervenant important dans le domaine de la télédiffusion éducative, Canal Savoir est la marque de commerce d'une corporation à but non lucratif, CANAL (Corporation pour l'avancement de nouvelles applications des langages), mise sur pied en 1982 à l'initiative de la Télé-université pour gérer sa station de télévision, alors la première chaîne de téléenseignement au monde.

At Click2learn, we strive to lead in the creation, development, and distribution of the industry's most advanced e-Learning technologies, including authoring software, learning management systems, and e-Learning sites. We translate these advanced technologies into value for our customers worldwide through our professional solutions and services.

For over 25 years, we've developed results-oriented training resources that are based on leading-edge research and guidance. From our start as part of "Psychology Today" magazine, our training products have been based on the work of major thinkers in behavioral and management science.

DigitalThink is a pioneer in the development of e-learning offerings that provide end-to-end solutions that meet the strategic learning requirements of our customers. DigitalThink has leveraged its core technology platform to develop, deliver and support Web-based courses in collaboration with some of the leading companies in the technology, financial services, health care, retail, and telecommunications industries.

Dynamic Minds designs, develops and delivers e-learning solutions that help organizations improve their employees' productivity through knowledge and increased operational efficiency. The result is significant time and cost savings and empowered employees.
With our emphasis on solving real problems and creating real results for our clients, Dynamic Minds is the preeminent e-learning solutions and services company that makes a difference.

eCollegesm is an e-learning software and services provider. Comprised of educators and technologists, eCollege partners with colleges, universities, K-12 school districts and corporate training organizations to design, build and support e-learning communities. eCollege also works with Strategic, Content and Technical Partners to bring a complete portfolio of e-learning offerings to our customers.

Our mission is to become the premier e-Learning provider by helping businesses build knowledge for a competitive advantage. We started with a vision to revolutionize how knowledge is shared. With today's e-Learning technologies, the knowledge needed for a competitive advantage is available to all - not just a privileged few.

Intellinex is all about knowledge, and online content development, and everything from e-learning self-sufficiency to complete outsourcing support. Intellinex, an e-learning venture of Ernst & Young LLP, is transforming the way companies develop, deliver and manage learning. We go right to the business problem and provides the best e-learning solutions to the business community. Through the use of long-established learning principles and proven technology, we provide our customers with learning solutions that include comprehensive consulting services, leading-edge technology, integration services, and deep content expertise.

Internet Time Group helps organizations achieve results through learning. Fast. We coach decision-makers. We create e-learning architectures, strategies, and business designs. We launch products, open new markets, build reputations, and accelerate sales. We help you make things happen. Now.

Knowledge Impact recognizes that the success of your company's enterprise implementation is determined by your organization's ability to perform daily tasks in an entirely new environment. The most successful implementations include a well-designed, comprehensive training program that is fully accepted by the end-user.

KnowledgePlanet, the world's leading business-to-business e-learning solution is in use by Global 2000 organizations that are implementing eBusiness initiatives, improving their launch processes for new products and services, and maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements for certification and continuing education. The company's flagship Enterprise Learning and Performance Management solution provides the business insight, rapid business reconfiguration and integration required to gain a strategic advantage from e-learning.

Learnativity is an idea, a practice, and a bringing together of concepts important to most everyone wanting to succeed in the coming century. The Learnativity Alliance is an organization Marcia Conner and Wayne Hodgins created to convey these concepts beyond and to help foster an alliance for the new learning economy, Inc. is an e-learning company that provides engaging multimedia learning solutions for corporate, government and individual clients. Fortune 1000 companies, schools and federal, state and local governments throughout the United States and abroad employ our engaging content, patented technology and services.

LearnItOnline is a unique Web site specializing in self-paced computer skills training. Designed for employees who can't make it to the classroom or who need a quick, just-in-time review, LearnItOnline uses realistic, interactive software simulations to teach computer skills. LearnItOnline adds another solution to Element K Press's portfolio of training products for corporate training organizations and commercial training companies. The training you'll find here is consistent with our award-winning instructor-led training materials, capitalizing on 14 years of experience in training materials development.

MindEdge, Inc. provides the Web's premier resource for personal development, distance learning, continuing education, on campus and corporate training courses. Founded by pre-eminent educators from Harvard University and MIT and managed by experienced Internet professionals, MindEdge, Inc. is a one stop destination that gives learners all the tools they need to search for, compare, and preregister for the courses they want- whether they're right around the corner, or halfway around the world.

Devenue l'un des principaux centres de solutions d'affaires dans le domaine de la formation aux entreprises, Versalys Formation, division de BigKnowledge, est un chef de file reconnu au Québec. Sa renommée repose, depuis plus de 20 ans, sur les connaissances approfondies de ses spécialistes en formation, mais également sur l'excellence des compétences transmises, l'intégrité des rapports avec ses clients et le respect des personnes formées.

Doing business in an e-world means moving at Internet speed. Opportunities rarely linger and competitors never sleep. How fast an organization learns can give them the decisive advantage. NETg's e-Learning solutions help businesses link people to the knowledge they need so the business can thrive in this new environment. They can seize opportunities, accomplish objectives, and maximize their business potential. A NETg e-Learning solution creates "possibilities" that encompass not only the many topics our products cover, but the potential cost savings and other benefits that are a result of e-Learning.

As a leader in the emerging e-learning market, Ninth House Network has helped to shape the market by breaking away from traditional training models. Ninth House Network has partnered with the world's foremost business thinkers, such as Tom Peters, Ken Blanchard, and Peter Senge, to develop relevant, compelling learning programs that teach critical management skills. The Network's use of high-quality, interactive media and Hollywood-style storytelling has vastly enhanced the effectiveness of the e-learning experience.

Novasys est une firme informatique spécialisée en développement de logiciels qui, dès sa fondation en 1990, s'est concentrée sur les technologies de formation en-ligne et de gestion des connaissances. Elle est reconnue aujourd'hui parmi les leaders dans ce domaine, autant pour le rôle de précurseur qu'elle a été appelée à jouer que pour la qualité de ses réalisations, son rayonnement international et ses partenariats.

We have developed a scalable e-learning platform to deliver mentor-led, on-demand training in graphic design, web development, multimedia, digital design and e-business strategies. We recruit thought leaders in the new media industry to create best-of-breed courses that are sold to consumers, corporations, and educational institutions around the world. To date, we have trained over 1,800 people from 80 countries who enrolled in more than 6,000 courses.

SkillSoft is a provider of total e-learning solutions for Global 2000 companies, covering a wide variety of today's critical business skills. Our e-Learning solution is a complete "end-to-end" e-Learning platform with a full suite of value-added services. It includes the infrastructure and content necessary to enable an organization to change its workforce into a dynamic, competitive advantage, in a cost-effective manner. All of SkillSoft's solutions have been specifically designed to take advantage of the benefits offered by the Internet and the Web-based environments of our customers.

At SmartForce-formerly CBT Systems - we've made a name for ourselves as the largest e-Learning company in the world today, leading the professional education market into the Internet Age through e-Learning - a fundamentally faster and better way to learn. Changing our company's name to SmartForce was a dramatic step taken to demonstrate to our customers and the industry our continual commitment to helping organizations create a smarter work force - essentially a "smart force" that thrives in the new economy.

SmartPlanet is a unique personal and professional learning community where people pursue goals and lifelong interests through online courses and human interaction. When you register at SmartPlanet, you immediately become a member of a virtual community with benefits like free courses!

Recognizing the power of the Internet and the enormous benefits of online learning, Syntrio harnesses the major components of the total e-learning solution. Our business-to-business strategy is to help companies take advantage of the Internet to train workers quickly and cost-effectively. Our company headquarters is located in San Francisco, California. We have also opened a course development and production center in Denver, Colorado. Fully operational in 1998, the company was originally called netSyndicate. On July 1, 2000 we changed our name to Syntrio.

An International Company located in Canada, specializes in integrating the technologies of the information age into everyday business processes with special emphasis in the area of Human Resources. has created and maintains an integrated set of internet resources for the international Human Resource / Training & Development professional community.

Technomedia offers complete modular/integrated Web-based solutions supporting the growth and development of employees. Our integrated learning environment, SIGAL, will 'e-nable' course registration,online training, competency management, development planning and follow-up, accreditation and certification tracking, allow skill gap assessment for key user's competencies and access to career management tools.

The TeleLearning Network of Centres of Excellence (TLoNCE) stimulates and tracks leading telelearning research advances in collaboration with university and industry partners throughout the world. Over 60 faculty from 28 Canadian universities are evaluating the effectiveness of new learning models, analyzing the cost-benefits and social impact of implementing telelearning, and creating new educational technologies.

THINQ helps corporations attain key business objectives with an enterprise-wide learning solution built to improve employee and organizational achievement. THINQ combines strategic guidance, a scalable web-based learning management infrastructure, one of the world's largest aggregations of professional learning content, proven professional services and ongoing onsite success services that help drive learners to improved performance.

The Training Registry is a directory of training courses, trainers, training products, classroom and training facility rentals, business and consulting services, professional speakers, and books. We know you will find the registry to be a quick and easy way to find training, consulting, and speaker resources of every kind. Please remember that we add resources continuously. So, visit us often. And, if you don't find what you are looking for, feel free to call or email us with your request.

TrainingZONE was launched in May 1998, targeted at the UK training and HR community. The extensive website has rapidly established itself as the most heavily used web service in the country with around 20,000 registered members (July 2000) and nearly twice that number of users.

WBTIC is a non-profit resource for those interested in developing and delivering web-based training, online learning, or distance education. Here you will find a WBT primer, surveys, discussion forums, and resource links. was established in 1996 under its original name, Interactive Achievement Center. Our goal is to bring new multimedia learning techniques to popular authors' material. Together the founders bring together backgrounds in self-development, content re-purposing, and multimedia design, forming the perfect marriage of skills required to build this unique quality product.

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