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Les analystes correspondent à des sociétés qui mènent des recherches et qui publient des études. Ils se spécialisent normalement sur certains secteurs d'activité économique ou encore ils couvrent les technologies, les marchés ou encore de façon plus pointue, la formation. Certains d'entre eux ont fait du CRM un champ de recherche distinct en soi. C'est le cas par exemple du Groupe Aberdeen. En tout état de cause, les analystes se caractérisent par leur indépendance relative à l'égard de l'industrie et des entreprises sur lesquels ils veillent. En fait, ils doivent sauvegarder l'apparence d'objectivité. Ils sont principalement originaires des Etats-Unis alors que quelques uns sont basés en Europe. Au Québec, on retrouve par exemple un bureau d'affaires du Gartner Group.

Since 1993, we have provided independent, objective information about using technology for learning to help you make the right decisions for your organization. We keep you well-informed on trends, best practices, tools and vendors, without bias. Brandon Hall, Ph.D., is a leading independent researcher in e-learning, helping organizations make the right decisions about technology through his writing, advising and presenting. was launched to provide specialised research, analysis and industry information to the Call Centre Industry throughout the World. As call centres continue to become an increasingly more important relationship channel between organisations and customers the need for up to date informative research is imperative to facilitate educated strategic planning.

Aberdeen Group is a leading provider of technology market consulting and research for the investment and IT supplier communities. Steeped in technology and armed with end-user field research, Aberdeen answers clients' critical business and technology questions in the context of the Internet economy and across the product life cycle. Founded in 1988, Aberdeen is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and has research centers in Palo Alto, California; Ft. Collins, Colorado; and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

AMR Research is the preeminent provider of research and analysis on e-business strategies and technologies. Our independent research offers an incisive, comprehensive view of the rapidly evolving business processes fundamental to success in the new economy. Our experienced research team analyzes industry-specific supply chain management, customer management, enterprise management, business-to-business e-commerce and all underlying enabling technologies. Clients use our in-depth analysis to develop and implement end-to-end e-business strategies consistent with their overall business goals.

At Datamonitor, we are Market Analysis Experts. We don’t just deliver top quality data, we interpret it, combining an insider’s market expertise with the objectivity of an outsider to give you the best possible insight into your competitors’ strategies and tactics.

Established in 1990, EDSI provides marketing intelligence solutions exclusively to the high-tech industry. What sets EDSI apart is its unique ability to combine industry expertise with the latest sales and marketing technology to generate highly productive leads, shorten sales cycles and increase long term market share for its high-tech clients., the independent market research firm for the education economy, provides clients with the intelligence necessary to develop and execute winning business strategies in the pre-K-12, postsecondary and corporate training markets. Research services include quarterly strategic research reports, monthly market sector reports, weekly briefs, advisory and consulting services and industry conferences.

Faulkner Information Services has been a respected provider of information and research services related to the IT and communications industries for more than thirty years. The company was among the first to deliver its core services in electronic format on CD-ROM, in Lotus Notes, in HTML for intranets, and over the World Wide Web.

Forrester is a leading independent research firm that analyzes the future of technology change and its impact on businesses, consumers, and society. Companies use our research as a continual source of insight and strategy to guide their most critical business technology decisions. The result? Our clients leverage technology innovation to lead their industries in dynamic new directions.

Frost & Sullivan is a customer-focused marketing consulting company with a proud history. We have evolved from a company that focused on publishing market reports into a full-service training and consulting company. The transformation has been a success. We have greatly expanded our services, the size of our staff, and the number of our offices worldwide. Our relationship with our customers grows stronger every day. We are now even more highly customer-focused in both our marketing consulting and training services.

Gartner provides unrivaled thought leadership for more than 10,000 organizations, helping clients to achieve their business objectives through the intelligent and efficient use of technology. Additionally, Gartner helps technology companies identify and maximize technology market opportunities. Gartner's technology content and strong brand reach IT professionals globally through Gartner Research, its research and advisory unit; Gartner Services, its custom consulting unit; Gartner Events, including Gartner's renowned Symposia; and Gartner subsidiary TechRepublic, Inc.

Giga Information Group, Inc. is a leading e-Business advisor that helps companies and institutions reach and maintain elite e-Business status through a combination of objective research, advice and continuous technology coaching. Giga Information Group's integrated suite of offerings helps clients make strategic decisions about the technologies, people and processes they need to excel in the new digital economy. Emphasizing close interaction between analysts, advisors and clients, Giga Information Group delivers support with the speed and scope necessary for e-Business.

Hurwitz Group's industry analysts, research experts, and market consultants provide software vendors, service firms, and IT organizations with actionable and sustainable strategic guidance. Recognized for our real-world experience, consultative style, and pragmatic approach, we leverage our research to provide you with market development and positioning strategies, enterprise technology strategies, custom market research, custom content, and custom consulting.

IDC is the world's leading provider of technology intelligence, industry analysis, market data, and strategic and tactical guidance to builders, providers and users of information technology. IDC delivers dependable, high-impact insights and advice on the future of ebusiness, the Internet, and technology to help our clients make sound business decisions. We forecast worldwide markets and trends and analyze business strategies, technologies, and vendors, using a combination of rigorous primary research and in-depth competitive analysis.

The Knowledge Capital Group was founded in 1998 by software industry veterans, led by retired Gartner analyst Bill Hopkins. KCG is the single most effective resource for information and advice focused on helping Enterprise and Internet Software companies to outmaneuver the competition, increase awareness and open up new markets.

The MASIE Center is an international ThinkTank focused on learning, training and technology. We provide a targeted set of services to organizations as they build new models of workforce training.

Meridien Research provides its clients with detailed research and advisory services on the technologies that will have the greatest strategic impact on the financial services industry.

META Group is a leading research and consulting firm, focusing on information technology and business transformation strategies. Delivering objective, consistent, and actionable guidance, META Group enables organizations to innovate more rapidly and effectively. Our unique collaborative models help clients succeed by building speed, agility, and value into their IT and business systems and processes.

Montgomery Research publishes thought-leadership projects that focus on the convergence of technology and business. Working in partnership with leading companies and organizations, our projects build collaborative communities that promote best-of-breed business environments.

Ovum, the analyst and consulting company, is a global leader in the rapidly changing world of converging technologies and markets. Genuinely original thinking coupled with exceptional knowledge and experience allows us to provide you with a definitive map of this complex environment and to guide you through it. Our mission is to help you make successful commercial decisions. We achieve this by providing you with expertise and advice which is defining, incisive and challenging. We have 15 years' experience helping senior decision makers in the Telecoms, IT, e-commerce, and digital TV sectors.

Probe offers multi-client study to analyze, evaluate and forecast concepts and technologies that will promote applications within the networked home. A clear and deep understanding of customer behavior toward adoption as well as usage of these technologies is essential in order to predict future success. We believe that this is the only study to apply consumer purchase and adoption behavior as well as usage analysis to new rich media applications.

To shorten your software decision cycle times and make more informed decisions, check SPEX before you buy. SPEX is the leading Internet authority for enterprise and web-based software technology evaluations. A division of META Group, SPEX conducts hands-on evaluations of enterprise software packages and provides detailed side-by-side comparisons to help global companies quickly select critical applications. has garnered international attention as an information resource for IT professionals of all ranks, from support staff to executives. The site targets IT executives, managers, consultants, strategists, network administrators, and other computer-related support staff. TechRepublic is organized into five "Republics," organized by job category. In addition to the Republics, the site also hosts TechProGuild, a premium online service, featuring in-depth technical content and the ERP resource site.

Founded in 1993, TowerGroup is the leading research and advisory firm specializing in the impact and direction of technology within the financial services industry. TowerGroup's research and analysis guide some of the largest and most influential banks, securities and investment firms, insurance companies, technology firms, and professional services firms as they make critical business and technology decisions. In 1999, TowerGroup became part of Reuters Enterprise. In line with Reuters' editorial principles, TowerGroup maintains complete editorial independence and objectivity.

Sur notre site, vous trouverez des informations professionnelles par type d’activité, en particulier dans le domaine des télécommunications et de l’industrie pharmaceutique, mais aussi concernant la grande consommation, la distribution, la production industrielle, la logistique et la finance. Notre activité est de fournir des informations professionnelles sous forme de conférences, d’ateliers, de formations, de rapports, d’études de marché, de documentations, de lettres d’information ou de forums de discussion.

The Yankee Group can offer the strategic guidance your company needs to position your technology with your plans for the future. As an internationally recognized leader in research and consulting services, our broad reaching analysis encompasses all the areas crucial to e-business success. Focusing on the Internet, electronic commerce, communications, wireless mobile, computing, and enterprise applications, we provide strategic planning assistance, technology and market forecasting, and cross-industry analysis for a wide range of clients on a worldwide basis.

Zona Research provides superior market research and strategic consulting for the Internet industry. Focusing on Internet technologies, market opportunities and trends, and the new dynamics of the burgeoning electronic economy, Zona's highly regarded team of technology analysts and business consultants provide astute interpretations of industry events and insightful recommendations on Web-oriented marketing and business strategies. Zona Research offers information and analysis on the Internet via membership services, reports as well as custom consulting.


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